Casa Modello can stage and style any aspect of your home; from one room to the entire property depending on your needs and lifestyle.

Walk & talk consultation which includes the client taking notes as we walk through the house inside and out to discuss different ways of arranging the furniture, decluttering, cleaning and visualising the house through a potential buyers eye.

This Styling consultation is for an occupied home and may include purchasing accessories and furniture on the client's behalf where necessary to complete the home ready for sale.

 This consultation may take up to 2-3 hours depending on the size of the property. This can be a one-off consultation with the client proceeding with the recommendations in their own time or Casa Modello's stylist may assist with some changes to certain rooms for you to visualize how property styling can work in your home.  Prices starting from $80.00 per hour. Services including sourcing of furniture and accessories are an additional cost to the client.


Call or email Casa Modello today for your free initial 30min consultation to determine which styling package best suits your needs and budget.